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Riding Lessons

Following years of back problems and pain, I ended up having lessons in the Alexander Technique to improve my posture and the way in which I used my back. Through these lessons I was incredibly fortunate to meet Gloria Pullan, whose main interest is classical dressage, particularly in the style of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. She has had extensive tuition from two former pupils of the school, Charles Harris and Danny Pevsner, both fellows of the British Horse Society (the latter also a teacher of the Alexander Technique).


Gloria transformed both my riding and my teaching. Riding should be about lightness and balance, and the harmony of horse and rider. This style of riding is all about feel and tuning in to the horse. I find that the principals of classical riding combine beautifully with the lessons I learnt during my Psychology degree, about how people and animals learn, and how best to teach them. My driving aim is for lessons to be positive and enjoyable for both horse and rider.


I also make use of a little tool known as the ‘clicker’ for training horses- this means that we can optimise our use of reward when riding and build confidence, calmness and lightness in the horse.


My coaching sessions are based on developing good patience, position and feel in the rider, leading to balance and softness in the horse, then working on the scales of training and basic principles for developing the horse’s balance and suppleness in a logical, natural and gentle way.

For information on private and group lessons contact Helen on 07773 157428