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The Heart of Horsemanship- Being the Change for your Horse.

I firmly believe that one of the most important aspects of developing your skills as a horse trainer involves looking deep into yourself. It is one thing to have all the knowledge and tools- but a truly great artist also has the spirit, the creative energy and drive that sets them above the rest. Horses are creatures of great energy- on a purely physical level, their communication relies on reading heart rate, respiration rate, body tension. If you begin down the road of discovering self awareness, you will immediately improve your ability to communicate with your horse. However, as you grow and learn, you will begin to see the subtleties of this communication, the amazing ability of the horse to tune into your emotional and spiritual energy. I believe that if you are never consciously aware of this, you are denying yourself the most wonderful life and learning experience.

For me it is linked to so many things- respect for the world, the environment, people and animals; love, understanding energy and the connections that we make with people; religious and spiritual belief.

By becoming aware of this deeper level in our relationship with our horses, we can truly move our training to the next level. Pat Parelli talks about putting your heart in your hand and touching the horse with it- I go one step further- open your heart to your horse and allow them to touch you. You won't be disappointed.