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What is Helen Spence Horse Sense all about?  

Ghandi said 

              "You must BE the change that you wish to see in the world".


Are you ready to BE the change for your horse?

  • Improve your horse handling and training skills...

  • Learn more about what makes your horse tick...

  • Get advice on problem behaviour

  • Understand the influence of management on horse behaviour and training...

  • Develop a classical seat: learn how subtle your aids can be and how balance and posture influence both the lightness and the engagement of your horse...

  • Study how different training methods, both 'traditional' and 'natural', really work, which then gives you the freedom to pick and choose the most appropriate approach for you and your horse...

  • Have fun training and handling your horse, learn how to make use of the clicker in your training, for everything from day to day handling to 'bomb-proofing' and improving lightness and balance under saddle...  

Get to the heart of horsemanship- discover how horses can help us all with personal development and spiritual growth.

Above all improve your relationship with your horse and with horses in general!